That Place That Is Marked In Our Hearts

Ireland - Dublin

How did you two meet?

Andre had a passion to travel the world, and decided to come to Ireland to study English. Andrea also is passionate about travelling and was looking for new challenges, and decided to come to Ireland to experience a new culture.

We met in Dublin. Andre was studying in Dublin and Andrea living in Athboy, county Meath. Everything happened because of a Taylor Swift concert taking place in Dublin. Andrea was coming to the concert in town and was asking for information on a Facebook group. Then, we started chatting and meeting from time to time, the relationship began here.

What do you like about living in Ireland?

Andrea has been living in Ireland for 4 years now, and Andre is completing 4 in February. We love Ireland because of its diversity, people, and lifestyle in general. The country is so beautiful, especially the countryside. Also, we love how in less than 1 hour, we can reach the sea or be in total contact with nature.

What are some of your most memorable travel experiences?

We have travelled quite a lot in Ireland, including small towns around Dublin and the main tourist destinations such as Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Killarney, and the Wicklow Mountains. Basically all the main destinations and spots. We are planning to explore the north part a bit more in the coming year.

@explore_outsideboxThis Christmas market 😍 ##galway ##christmasmarket ##christmas2021 ##ireland ##irelandtravel ##christmas♬ Magic Moments (with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra & The Ray Charles Singers) – Perry Como

The most memorable one is Galway, that was the place where we had our first kiss and everything started. Now, we have a tradition of visiting the city to celebrate our relationship. It happened during Christmas time as well; we went to the city to visit the Christmas market. No matter how many places we have visited and will visit in the future, Galway is going to be that place that is marked in our hearts.

What are some of your favourite Irish Christmas traditions?

Our favourite Irish Christmas tradition is certainly the decorations of the houses. People take it very seriously here and we have heard that in some neighbourhoods there are even competitions. We love to watch them and it is just fascinating how some people put so much work into their decorating.

What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions from home?

Andre is from Brazil and there the date of the 24th is as special as the 25th, sometimes they celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas day. They have a family celebration on the evening of the 24th lasting almost the whole night. An interesting thing is that usually they have a Secret Santa on Christmas Eve night.

Andrea is from the region of Transylvania in Romania. They speak and follow Hungarian traditions on Christmas. Almost everyone has a real giant Christmas tree in their home, decorated. Although there are Christmas trees in Ireland, not everyone owns a real one.


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