Home for Christmas – A Poem

Ireland - Limerick

Oh, those December days I remember when I was a child
Christmas was looming, me, and the excitement was wild
The crib would go up, statues heads stuck on with glue
sure, kids break all around them, what can you do
waiting for the fat man with the red coat to come
afraid we’d scare him off, if our faces were glum
Santa Claus is coming to town with his jingle bells
Christmas cheer was like a scattering of magical spells
Off to church for Christmas Eve mass
all squeezed into the car, always late, God we were gas
to see the nativity crib figurines there so beautifully lifelike
Mass would start when the clock at midnight did strike
And we all togged out in our new Christmas clothes we put on
Thinking wouldn’t Santa just hurry up and come on
Fly down the chimney, drink his beer, ate biscuits and run
so we’d have some toys and could have lots of fun
such excitement anticipation, even though we didn’t get much
not like now with a whole sack per child and within a whole bunch
but sure with our one little toy we were happy all day
and the smell of turkey from the table couldn’t keep us away
I remember that Christmas I got that lovely new Dolly
She could open and shut her eyes, I called her Molly
with her bright yellow raincoat, oh what a surprise
how we remember our inner child’s emotional highs.
St Stephen’s day would come around with a restful lull
Out hunting the wren, oh boys that day wasn’t dull
Then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the movie on tv
And we settled down to eat cold turkey sandwiches for tea
Oh how those Christmases our hearts were filled with glee
Back then my favourite tune; “I wish it could be Christmas everyday”
and now at this age of my life, I think, God no, oh no way


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