Extraordinary Entrepreneurs: Mellow’s Meadow

Ireland - Limerick

This year, we’re highlighting some of the remarkable stories behind some of Ireland’s Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. Check out the story of Mellow’s Meadow below!

Fergus moved to the USA in 2007 to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a puppeteer. (This was quite a departure from his initial career path of Accountancy!). He got a Masters in Puppetry from the University of Connecticut and then spent the next 10 years working in the theatre scene in New York. He set up a company designing, building and performing large scale puppets for Broadway shows, theme parks and cruise ships and his clients included Disney, Cirque Du Soleil and Radio City Music Hall. He has made Dragons, Dinosaurs, Minotaurs, 6-legged Wolves, Unicorns and many other fantastical creatures!

While Fergus made these creatures, Jenny was engaged in the much more important work of rescuing and rehabilitating real-life dogs and cats through her work as a Veterinary Nurse. She worked for the ASPCA Emergency Hospital in Manhattan, one of the largest humane societies in the world where she cared for sick and injured cats and dogs as well as the victims of animal cruelty. Unsurprisingly some of these animals found their way into our own home. As our furry family grew, Fergus became frustrated at the quality of the products available for our pets and so began making furniture that would look good and also fit into our New York apartment.

When Covid hit and Broadway closed down, we decided to return to Ireland to be closer to family. Obviously there was no question that all our animals would come with us, and so after a $500 flight for the humans and a $5,000 flight for the animals, we landed in Limerick and proceeded to look for a place where the animals would feel safe and secure, and the humans would be able to start a new adventure.

We found a little treasure in County Limerick in the form of a small country cottage with a field attached. We named this piece of paradise Mellow’s Meadow after our Border Collie, who now gets to run off leash in a safe place without the worries of traffic or commercial noise, quite the opposite of her previous New York Life. Our cats Dottie Bonkers and Bluebear love the freedom of chasing mice in the nearby farmyard and recently all three were joined by Badger Boots, our first Irish rescue dog.

Our animals also get the benefit of being the product testers for our new business www.mellowsmeadow.ie. The creative building skills of Fergus, coupled with Jenny’s pet care experience collided and our business of pet furniture solutions was born. We design and handcraft premium pet furniture balancing beauty with function. Made in Ireland from natural rattan, wood and wool, our products are designed to ensure your pet feels safe and comfortable and to complement your home’s decor.

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