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Ireland - Galway

For the last 24 years Damian has been consumed by a passion and purpose to pursue his human potential. For 16 years he went to war on the pitches of Europe’s 3 major leagues, living his childhood dream as a professional rugby player. Accumulating in him winning some of club rugby’s biggest prizes including the Heineken Cup & Pro 14 Title. An incredibly fruitful life chapter and a deep journey of exploration, learning and experience into the potential and power of the human body and mind, that only a warrior sport like rugby can allow.

Since retirement from rugby he has continued his search at the edges of life, now through challenge and adventure. For Damian extreme adventure was the perfect fit for what he aspired to do with the next chapter in life. It’s components of extraordinary experiences, amazing achievements and beautiful memories, although very important to him, were secondary compared to the rewards of the internal journey, produced through living authentically and in alignment with one’s values, leading to a deepening of character, an expansion of self-awareness and profound level of contentment & fulfilment.

I’m on a mission to live an extraordinary life. A life full of challenges, extremes, learning, risk, growth, fulfillment and actions. A life of integrity, sincerity and courage. My mindset is “my life will be my masterpiece”.

In 2016 He completed the 6 day, 257km Marathon des Sables, a self supported ultra marathon through the Sahara desert, also known as ‘The Toughest Footrace on Earth’. After a short period of reflection Damian committed to rowing solo and unsupported 5000kms across the Atlantic ocean. The incredible feat, in which he experienced complete steering system failure on Day 17, took him 63 days, 6 hours and 25 minutes to complete, adding him to a very exclusive group of less than 200 people to ever achieve the mammoth feat.

Currently he has summited 5 of the 7 Summits, a renowned mountaineering feat to stand on top of the highest point on each continent with his recent attempt on Mount Everest thwarted dramatically by COVID19.

Next year, Damian will be leading an excursion to climb Kilimanjaro. If you’re interested in adventuring with him, click here to learn more! You can also keep up with Damian on Twitter, Instagram, and on his website.

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