The Spirit of St Brigid: Celebrating the Creativity and Strength of Women

CountrySierra Leone
Date & Time

Tue 1 Feb – Mon 28 Feb


The Irish Embassy has teamed up with SEND Sierra Leone, one of its longstanding partners to mark St Brigid’s Day 2022. For context, St Brigid is one of Ireland’s three patron saints, and the only female. She is significantly associated with women’s empowerment. St Brigid is known for her compassion and commitment to helping people, teaching others and leading the way. She is significantly associated with women’s empowerment.

In recent years, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs has supported its Embassies around the world to mark St Brigid’s Day and celebrate the creativity and achievements of women in many different fields, including arts, politics, business, and many others. The celebration of St Brigid’s Day in Sierra Leone allows the Embassy to give women a voice and express themselves and their experiences.

Unfortunately due to COVID19 the Embassy has had to postpone its plans for a showcase event in Kono, however along with its partners in SEND we have adapted a more digital approach. Via social media, the Embassy will release a specially produced three and a half minute video that features many female community leaders in Kono.

Introduced by the Irish Ambassador to Sierra Leone Claire Buckley, they speak to what creativity means to them, and how it has motivated them to inspire and impact the lives of other women in the community. A special addition to the video is also Sr Teresa McKeon, an Irish missionary in Kono who has lived in Sierra Leone since 1954. She has acted an educator and development worker for nearly 70 years in the country, and has received the highest honour of Sierra Leone, the Officer of the Order of Rokel from President Koroma in 2017.

We hope this fantastically produced video and accompanying images the tales of women working in agriculture, weaving, crafts, mentorship, will inspire all who watch, and will demonstrate the importance of creativity and the ability it has to empower women all over Sierra Leone. The Embassy of Ireland is forever committed to enhancing the capacity of women and girls, and this video shows the powerful impact of women who can strive to be leaders and reach their potential.


This St Brigid’s Day event is a programme brought to you by the Department of Foreign Affairs.


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